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Political cancellations and general terms Political Cancellations Questions with the application of cancellations of our stay & its technical character (art. 8 of Law 1652/1986 exemptions questions-questions-questions), in questions that are required for the accommodations for Accommodation, my side. For Cancellation 41 days before the expected arrival time, you do not need to make a spill and the appearance will return to the image. For Cancellation of Questions 40 to 22 Days Before Date Arrival, Reservations Required by Applying One Night For Cancellation in questions 21 days on the date before each arrival date reservations required with 50% of the total accommodation dialogue. In an early departure program I was asked to report 50% of the value discrimination required details required, for the days to be canceled. Access to each non-human was 100% of the total value of the dose required each time. General terms Nori FET access: 14:00 Women have access to stay until 12 o'clock the next day The price available for two days (stay from 12 noon until 6 pm) will be collected in the image from 50% of the price set of the configuration Monitoring from the 18th hour is mandatory for the timekeeper in the payment of a different color available